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Insanity Body Beast Hybrid

Two things you’ve got to know about me.

  1. Body Beast is my favorite Beachbody workout program, so far.
  2. I’m terrified of doing Insanity, becsause I know it’s crazy!

Carlos’ Insanity Body Beast Hybrid

One last thing you might want to know about me is that I like a good challenge. That’s why after finishing my first round of Body Beast, I’ve gathered the courage to finally start Insanity. But… I’ll do the program with a twist. Insanity is purely base on Cardio and HIIT workouts. You are basically burning all that fat off by sweating and moving like crazy. So since I love lifting weights I’ve created an Insanity Body Beast Hybrid schedule, mixing Body Beast with some of the Insanity routines. It is based on the Body Beast Build/Bulk/Cut system, using a full 90 day calendar, but adding a Insanity workouts to make sure you burn more fat and keep up with your cardio.  What I like about this hybrid is that it has a combination of everything – you will build lean muscle because you won’t just bulk or get ripped, you will be doing both at the “same time”. You will be working out from 30 to 60 minutes a day at most. I’ve even included a 21 minute workout in the recovery week. :)


Bulk Phase Part 1 (Week 1-3)

You will focus on getting used to lifting on your strength days and doing fasted cardio every other day. You are building momentum. Feel free to do Cardio Abs on your rest day if you want to.

Day 1 = Build Chest and Tri

Day 2 = Plyometrics Cardio Circuit

Day 3 = Build Back and Bis

Day 4 = Pure Cardio + Insane Abs

Day 5 = Build Shoulders

Day 6 = Cardio Power Resistance

Day 7 = Rest

Bulk Phase Part 2 (Weeks 4-8)

You will be doing the Body Beast Bulk routines plues two days of Max Insanity Training. Make sure to eat a lot of calories throughout this 5-week phase. You’ll need them.

Day 1 = P90X Chest and Arms, Ab Ripper X

Day 2 = Max Interval Plyo

Day 3 = Bulk Back, Beast Abs

Day 4 = Bulk Shoulders

Day 5 = Bulk Chest, Beast Abs

Day 6 = Bulk Arms

Day 7 = Max Cardio Conditioning

Recovery Week (Week 9)

Ahh… :)  A short recovery week. Enjoy not lifting heavy for 7 days. Focus on your diet but have one well deserved cheat meal becuase the next four weeks are going to be brutal. Enjoy!

Day 1 = Lucky 7

Day 2 = Max Recovery

Day 3 = Core Cardio Balance

Day 4 = Lucky 7

Day 5 = Max Recovery

Day 6 = Core Cardio Balance

Day 7 = Rest

PS: After you finish with your recovery week, you have the choice to start from Bulk Part 1 again if you’re still not ready to get ripped and want to gain more muscle.

Cut Phase (Week 10-13)

It’s time to BEAST UP and get shredded! If you did it right, you might have grown some heavy muscle and now it’s time to show it off. Get RIPPED! Yes, you’ll be doing Beast Leg workouts now because they burn tons of fat. BEAST UP!

Week 10 and 12

Day 1 = Tempo Chest and Tri

Day 2 = Build Legs, Beast Abs

Day 3 = Tempo Back and Bis

Day 4 = Pure Cardio, Insane Abs

Day 5 = Fast and Furious, Build Shoulders

Day 6 = Max Interval Circuit, Beast Abs

Day 7 = Max Cardio Conditioning

Weeks 11 and 13

Day 1 = Fast and Furious, Bulk Chest

Day 2 = Bulk Legs, Beast Abs

Day 3 = Fast and Furious, Bulk Back Back

Day 4 = Bulk Arms, Insane Abs

Day 5 = Max Cardio Conditioning

Day 6 = Bulk Shoulders, Beast Abs

Day 7 = Rest

I know… Insane. That’s why I call it, Insane Beast:

Insane Beast Calendar

Download your own copy: Insane Beast Schedule

Who will want to do the Insanity Body Beast Hybrid?

I recommend this hybrid to people who want to build muscle without getting bulky.  That’s when the Insanity workouts come in to help you out. If you have done Body Beast and want to continue lifting weights while incorporating HIIT routings to your workouts, then this is your hybrid program. This is done to get a more athletic, and burn that last amount of fat while still keeping a built physique. I recommend following the Body Beast nutrition plan for the first 9 weeks, my fat shredding meal plan for last 4 weeks and definitely drink Shakeology while going through this Hybrid. You will need that extra fuel. Now, go dig deeper and do whatever it takes to finish this Insanity Body Beast Hybrid.

Get the programs

Insanity:  Base Program or the Challenge Pack with Shakeology

Body Beast: Base Program or the Challenge Pack with Shakeology



Hello, I was curious how your hybird insanity body beast went, I was curious what you do for a meal plan with it, i know i love insanity which is funny because im going to assume you are a better lifter then a cardio person which is the opposite of what i am i can do cardio all day but the lifting and resisting is very hard for me. i get this from your comment in line 2. I would love to get some advice thank you

Coach Carlos

Haha, you are correct my friend. I am more of a lifter than a cardio person. I suck at insanity but I love the way you feel when you finish! So for the diet I just kept on eating what I normally ate for Body Beast. Hi calories (about 2,800) during my lift days and lower calories (2,200) during my cardio days. Are you currently doing the hybrid? -Carlos

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